GTC1556vz Turbo Upgrade for Passat CKRA TDI

GTC1556vz hybrid turbo is the best bolt-on turbo upgrade for your 2012-2014 Passat with the CKRA Volkswagen TDI engine. FREE SHIPPING IN CANADA.

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  • Part Number: GTC1556vz
  • Country: EU

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Part Number GTC1556vz
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GTC1556vz hybrid turbo is one of the best bolt-on turbo upgrade you can add to your 2012-2014 NMS Passat with the CKRA Volkswagen diesel engine. Free shipping in Canada is available on all our products.

The Garrett GTC1556vz turbo hybrid is based on the GTC1549vz turbo factory installed in the European 2.0 CR TDI engines. The GTC1556vz hybrid is fitted with a 8+0 56mm billet compressor wheel for better performance. This unit can safely achieve up to 220-240bhp.

This is the 4th generation Garrett VNT system which is far superior than prior VNT configurations. The re-designed VNT system results in : Faster spool, lower manifold pressure at high RPMs, higher EGTs capacity, higher air-fuel ratio and higher peak torque at low engine speeds.

The Garrett GTC1556vz hybrid turbo will blow out of the water the stock BorgWarner CKRA turbo, the later being known to be weak and prematurely failing.

This turbo kit is ”Plug and Play”, please note that you will need to delete the EGR before intalling it. You will need a tune and an upgraded MAP sensor for better performance. An aftermarket exhaust will pair nicely but is not needed.

Fitment: Note that besides the EGR delete, you will need to modify the intake piping. We include the piping in the kit, with the following items:

– GTC1556vz turbo with 8+0 Billet wheel
– Complete OEM  gasket kit
– OEM oil return line
– Braided steel oil feed line
– OEM turbo intake piping with elbow
– EGR delete plate
– Turbo discharge pipe

Max safe Boost : 2.2 BAR or 32 PSI
Max power target : 220-240bhp
Engine options : CKRA


All our turbos are made in the EU from new quality components, except the turbine and compressor housing that are reman. All our turbochargers are fully balanced and the actuator is precisely calibrated. This turbocharger is ready for installation in your engine. If you have questions regarding fitment on your vehicle, if your engine code is not in the selection or any other inquiries: We ask you to please contact chat support and a team member will provide assistance as quick as possible.



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