CBEA CJAA EGR Delete Kit for 2009-2014 TDI

FREE SHIPPING! Best EGR Delete Kit For 2.0 TDI CBEA/CJAA. The EGR Delete Kit with the Race Pipe the best delete kit you can have for the CBEA/CJAA TDI.

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EGR Delete Kit for the 2009-2014 VW 2.0 CR TDI CBEA CJAA MK5-MK6 GOLF & JETTA

This kit is perfect to bypass your faulty EGR.
The EGR delete kit will get your engine to perform better by:
-Reducing carbon build up in the intake and head.
-Increasing the air flow.
-Reducing air intake temperatures.

We recommend this kit to anyone upgrading to the CR170 hybrid turbo that will need the EGR deleted.

This kit includes:
-1x CBEA/CJAA Aluminum race pipe
-1x Race pipe o-ring
-1x Boost nipple
-1x Boost nipple block off
-1x EGR block off plate
-1x EGR block off plate gasket
-2x Race pipe bolts with nuts and washers
-4x Race pipe bolts

NOTE: This kit is sold for off-road use ONLY.
Your engine will need tuning to delete the CEL caused by the EGR delete kit.



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