VNT Vacuum Turbo Actuator for ALH 1.9 TDI

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New VNT actuator assembly for the turbo on the ALH 1.9 TDI engine.
Old actuators can stick or fail, often because of corrosion.
This will cause the VNT vanes to not adjust properly, causing limp mode, low power, check engine lights, smoke, and low fuel mileage.

The actuator assembly comes with:
-Actuator bracket
-Bracket nuts (2x)
-Heat shield

This actuator will fit as a direct replacement for the following turbochargers:

-VNT15 (GT1749v – the stock ALH turbo)
VNT17 (GT1749vb)
VNT17/22 (GT1752v)

This actuator can also replace the ”smart” actuator that comes on the stock BEW KP39 turbo.
Note that if you do this you will have a CEL that will have to be deleted through tuning.



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