BRM EGR Delete Kit with Race Pipe

FREE SHIPPING! Best EGR Delete Kit For 1.9 TDI BRM. The EGR Delete Kit with the Race Pipe is one of the best delete kit you can have for the BRM TDI.

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EGR Delete Kit for the 2005.5-2006 VW 1.9 TDI BRM MK5 JETTA SEDAN

This kit is perfect to bypass your faulty EGR.
The EGR delete kit will get your engine to perform better by:
-Reducing carbon build up in the intake and head.
-Increasing the air flow.
-Reducing air intake temperatures.
-Preventing EGR cooler failure

(EGR coolers commonly fail in a way that allows coolant to enter the exhaust stream, emptying the coolant system. Removing the EGR cooler from the cooling system solves this.)

We recommend this kit for anyone with the MK5 BRM TDI engine. This kit can also be used on any 8v TDI engine with the popular BRM intake manifold ugrade.

This kit includes:
-1x BRM Aluminum race pipe
-1x Race pipe gasket
-1x Threaded hose clamp
-1x EGR block off plate
-1x EGR cooler bypass
-1x 90 degree blue silicone boost pipe
-3x Race pipe bolts with nuts

NOTE: This kit is sold for off-road use ONLY.
Your engine may need tuning to delete the CEL caused by the EGR delete kit.



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