1043 WUZETEM Injector Nozzle for PD TDI

1043 PD Wuzetem Injector Nozzles are THE upgrade for your stock injectors! 1043 PD nozzles will fit in your PD TDI Engine with the BEW, BRM or BHW engine code!

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Country Poland
Part Number PDSLA150P1043
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1043 PD Wuzetem Injector Nozzles are the best bang for your buck if you are looking to upgrade your stock injectors to 1043 PD nozzles on your PD TDI Engine with the BEW, BHW or BRM engine code! Free shipping in Canada is available on all our products.

The 1043 PD nozzles are an entry level upgrade for your PD TDI. In fact, you are not obligated to have any other supporting mods to install the 1043 PD nozzles, but they are paired nicely with a VNT17 or VNT17/22.

A Little Bit Of WUZETEM History

Wuzetem is an internationally renowned company that has been operating for over 70 years in the fuel injection industry. They are based out of Warsaw, Poland, and they offer a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects. Furthermore, Wuzetem use the highest quality Italian steel and they pre-balance their nozzles in the factory before distibution, unlike some of their competitors that are using inferior chinese steel.

Power Goals: 125-200hp
Engine Codes Supported: BEW, BRM, BHW
Product Number: PDSLA150P1043

NOTE:  1043 PD nozzles come as a set of 4. Included in the set are 4 OEM copper crush washers.




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Italian Steel


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