MK4 1.9 TDI ALH/BEW Turbo Gasket Kit

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Turbo install kit for the MK4 platform 1.9 TDI engines.

This kit includes:
– 1x Metal exhaust manifold gasket
– 1x Metal Downpipe gasket
– 1x Metal EGR gasket
– 1x Paper turbo oil return line gasket
– 2x Copper turbo oil feed line crush washers

Will fit on the stock VNT15/KP39 turbos, or the upgraded VNT17, VNT17/22 or GT1856v for the ALH/BEW.

Upon installation of a new turbo, we strongly recommend changing the oil feed line for a new one, especially if the latest turbo has failed. Oil feed line clogging is a common cause of turbo failure, not replacing it upon installation could void the warranty in some cases.



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