VNT15/17 100% Bolt On Turbo for ALH 1.9 TDI

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The VNT 15/17 turbo is a 100% bolt-on turbo upgrade for your 1.9 TDI ALH Volkswagen diesel engine. FREE SHIPPING IN CANADA IS AVAILABLE ON ALL OUR PRODUCTS!

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  • Country: EU
  • Part Number: VNT15/17

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The VNT 15/17 hybrid turbo is the most straightforward 100% bolt-on turbo upgrade you can add to your 1.9 TDI ALH Volkswagen diesel engine. Free shipping in Canada is available on all our products.

The VNT 15/17 is a Garrett hybrid turbo. It is made from a VNT15 compressor housing fitted with a VNT17 compressor wheel. It is essentially a VNT15 turbo with a bigger VNT17 compressor wheel. This is the perfect turbo for someone that wants to upgrade the stock VNT15 without breaking the bank.

This turbo can act as a simple replacement, or can be paired with .205s or .216 nozzles. A tune is recommended but not needed for the VNT15/17 turbo.

The VNT15/17 is a 100% bolt-on option for an ALH. It works with the stock downpipe and piping. We strongly recommend to order a braided steel oil feed line and gasket kit for the installation. It is fully balanced with an actuator that is precisely calibrated – ready to install.

Max safe Boost : 1.5 BAR or 22 PSI
Max power target : 140-160 bhp
Engine options : ALH


All our turbos are made in the EU from new quality components, except the turbine and compressor housings that are reman. All our turbochargers are fully balanced and the actuator is precisely calibrated. This turbocharger is ready for installation in your engine. If you have questions regarding fitment on your vehicle, if your engine code is not in the selection or any other inquiries: We ask you to please contact chat support and a team member will provide assistance as quick as possible.



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  1. Sylvain

    Perfect replacement for my old alh

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